Replacing Missing Teeth

We’re all guilty of taking our teeth for granted from time to time. Whether you’re the person who decides to open bottles with your teeth, or the type of person who skips brushing here and there, a missing tooth can cause a lot of problems. Bellflower Oral Facial Surgery & Dental Implant Center makes ourselves available for patient education and treatment for missing teeth.

Good Oral Health and its Link to Good Overall Health

Your teeth have an effect on your entire body. Having healthy teeth means a healthier you, period. A missing tooth can throw bite alignment, speech and eating choices out of balance. When one or more teeth are missing, remaining teeth overcompensate, which increases wear and premature damage.

Don’t Let a Missing Tooth Go Untreated

Ignoring a missing tooth area has consequences you might not be aware of. The jaw itself starts to degenerate. People can lose up to 25% of supporting jawbone structure within the first year after an initial tooth loss.

Dental implants are also more easily placed right after a tooth is lost or extracted. Complex bone replacement procedures become more arduous and costly as time passes.

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So How Do I Replace a Missing Tooth?

A number of different options are available at Bellflower Oral Facial Surgery & Dental Implant Center for replacing your missing teeth. We offer both temporary and lasting solutions. Bridges, flippers, metal partials, dentures, and dental implant procedures can help treat missing teeth and in some cases even save your jaw.

We strongly recommend dental implants as the best long term solution for missing teeth. Implants behave just like your natural teeth and roots, giving stimulation to the jaw bone, preserving structure and appearance.

An example of a dental fixed bridge

Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge is a connected set of replacement teeth. For support, it is cemented into position on top of the teeth adjacent to the empty space. The protective outer layer of these teeth is usually removed or ground down prior to attaching the bridge.

An sample of a removable retainer with a plastic tooth known as a flipper


A fragile, temporary and inexpensive solution is a removable plastic tooth with a plastic retainer, often called a “flipper”.

A depiction of a sturdy partial denture cast in metal and plastic

Metal Partial

A less fragile option is a removable partial denture cast in metal and plastic. It is held in place by wire clips. A removable partial denture can be removed and reinserted when required by the patient.

A representation of a full denture for the entire lower jaw


The most common solution, for people missing all teeth in one or both jaws are complete dentures. Some people adapt well to dentures. Others find them uncomfortable, even intolerable, because of differences in jaw size and shape.

A visual of a permanent dental implant to replace missing teeth

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most comfortable and permanent solution. They form a strong foundation for teeth and keep the jaw healthy and strong. Implants support individual replacement teeth or secure specialized dentures in place. Unlike bridges, no healthy teeth are damaged. Unlike most bridges, implants can last a lifetime. Implant-supported replacement teeth can be attractive, stable, and comfortable for almost any patient.

Who is a candidate?

Anyone missing one or more teeth can benefit from our treatments. Those who are unhappy with dentures might also seek an alternate route like implants. Age is not a factor, but smoking, diseases (like diabetes), and previous radiation therapy to the area can all affect implant placement success rates.

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